Our Services ~ Retirement

For most of our clients, being able to maintain their desired lifestyle without having to work a certain job for the rest of their lives is their number one goal.  Although, many people never expect to "fully" retire, most people would like to reduce their hours or change their career to something more rewarding later in life.  Those popular and admirable objectives usually require a nest egg of assets to supplement a lower income during those years.  Vanishing pension plans and the ever increasing pressure of the Social Security system creates the need to build and manage a retirement nest egg.  We offer the following services to help you accomplish your retirement vision:

  • Pre-retirement planning: Saving for retirement, advice on Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs and 401(k) plans
  • Post-retirement planning: Income and investments
  • Review investment options: Appropriate allocations for your plan contributions
  • Long term health care, disability issues and life insurance
  • Social Security Income: Advice on maximizing your benefit
  • Monthly budgeting for your retirement
  • Employer's retirement plan
  • Ensure your Required Minimum Distributions are taken to avoid the IRS 50% penalty
  • Withhold Federal and State income taxes on your withdrawals
  • Beneficiary designations on your retirement accounts
  • Maximize the tax defferal and minimize probate costs