Our Services ~ Trusts

Our staff of trust professionals offers the advantage of decades or experience in trust administration and investment maangement.  In today's financial world of bank consolidations and questionable business practices, we at gbc BANK Wealth Management are steadfast in our commitment to remain an independent, community bank and provide our services with the utmost integrity and honesty.

We offer a variety of trust services, including living trusts and estate administration.  The primary goal of any trust is to manage the assets in accordance with the needs and ojectives of the grantors and beneficiaries.  gbc BANK Wealth Management is qualified to handle all types of trusts. 

While market conditions may change with time, our core values and commitment to you remain the same.


A living trust is one of the most flexible estate and financial planning tools available.  It provides administrative custody and investment management services to you and your family during your lifetime.  It also provides the benefit of potential estate savings.  A living trust can create a financial blueprint for the maintenance and distribution of your estate and offers standby protection in the event of an illness or incapacity.  Since the vast majority of living trusts are revocable, you control your assets during your lifetime and may make changes to your trust or terminate it at any time.  Additionally, your trust can continue after your death, thereby providing your family all the investment and administration benefits according to your wishes.


When you select a person to be the executor of your will, consider these possibilities:

  • Will the person be immediately available, in good health and fully trained in the complexities that may be involved with your estate?
  • Will that person be considered objective and capable by the heirs?

gbc BANK Wealth Management is uniquely qualified to do the best possible job for you as executor of your estate.  Our Trust Officers have years of expereience in this complex and demanding business.  They are trained, responsible, unbiased, bonded and always on the job.  We would like to be a part of your estate planning team!